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Bus Rules

Posted Date: 07/22/2021


1. The bus driver is in charge of all passengers while they are riding, loading, or unloading from the bus and must be obeyed promptly and respectfully.

2. Students are to sit quietly in their seat, facing the front of the bus, keeping feet on the floor and keeping extremities to themselves and out of the aisles. Students are never to sit on feet, books, etc., and must always sit flat on their seat.

3. Pupils must be on time, as the bus cannot wait for those who are tardy. Pupils must walk on the far left side of the road facing traffic when going to the bus stop.

4. Students shall not extend any part of their body out of bus windows, and must be seated when bus is in motion.

5. Students must keep their hands to themselves and not throw anything inside the bus, or out the bus windows.

6. Musical instruments, backpacks, art or shop projects, etc., are to be held instudent’s lap or placed under student’s seat. Students are at no time allowed to sit on items or allow items to obstruct aisle way. Items that will not fit in the student’s lap or under the student’s seat will not be transported on the school bus.

7. Unnecessary conversation with the driver is prohibited. Students shall not talk in a loud voice, or otherwise distract the driver’s attention. REMEMBER YOUR SAFETY IS IN THEIR HANDS.

8. When leaving bus, pupils must observe directions of driver, and if road must be crossed, shall do so in front of the bus, after making sure highway is clear.

9. Fighting or scuffling is prohibited in or around a bus.

10. All forms of tobacco, alcohol, or weapons, except side arms carried by a Law Enforcement Officer, are strictly prohibited on the bus.

11. During stormy weather, students are advised to listen to local radio stations for storm warnings and notice of school closure or late start.

12. All drinks except water (pop, Koolaid, etc.) are prohibited on the bus except on field or activity trips where prior approval has been given.

13. All candy, gum, sunflower seeds, etc. are prohibited on the bus.

14. A note signed by the parent must be sent to the teacher and the driver if a child is to be picked up after school instead of riding the bus or is to ride a different bus or get off at a location other than home.

15. All electronics are prohibited from use on the bus except on field or activity trips where prior approval has been given.

Penalty: Pupils may at any time be denied the privilege of riding the school bus because of disorderly conduct, refusal to obey bus rules or failure to follow driver’s instructions.

Note: The above rules are not meant to be inclusive. The bus driver may establish other rules as the situation warrants.


Step 1: The bus driver will verbally reprimand the student.

Step 2: The student will be assigned a seat for a short term.

Step 3: Repeat offenders will be assigned a seat for a long term, the bus driver will call parents, and will report misbehavior to school administrators.

Step 4: School administration will hold conference with student and parents.

Step 5: Administration will suspend student from bus for short term.

Step 6: Administration will suspend student from bus for long term.

Note: If behavior is of serious enough nature the first four steps may be by-passed.

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